The Best Forex Trading Platform In Australia?

Best Forex Trading Platform Australia

While many foreign exchange (Forex) trading platforms and programs operate very similarly, there are some providers that go above and beyond to offer value to their member investors and clients. In order to join the best forex trading platform Australia residents must research the competing platforms and analyse their spread provision, network speed, leverage opportunities available, market access points and mobile application awareness.

This article will compare a few of the best forex trading platforms that exist in Australia in order to give traders a centralised source of information about where and with whom they should make their trades.


Any list attempting to suss out the best forex trading platform Australia wide has to begin with Pepperstone. Founded in 2010 and headquartered out of Melbourne, Pepperstone offers traders an expansive amount of asset classes for a low user fee. The company concentrates heavily on fast trade execution capability, maintenance of low spreads, and a commitment to excellent and responsive customer service.

Pepperstone Best Forex Trading Platform Australia?

Pepperstone offers products that are aimed at both experienced traders and novice forex investors, but beware — the company trusts its traders enough to offer massive leverage opportunities of 500:1 to all of its members. High spreads are not an issue at Pepperstone — the company’s standard MetaTrader 4 platform receives price quotes from 22 banks and ECNs while displaying the platform’s vaunted interactive charting ability and algorithmic trading trade order execution.

Pepperstone Regulation and Recognition

The company is one of Australia’s largest and most successful trading platforms, and as a result of this it has received ample attention from regulatory authorities. The security and safety that Pepperstone provides its clients with has been recognized by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission — Pepperstone has received an Australian Financial Services License for its services to the financial sector and appropriate use of Australian banks and financial machinery. Satisfying recognition for an excellent company that provides the best forex trading platform Australia has to offer.

CMC Markets

As one of the first local platforms to offer forex trading, CMC Markets has carved out a place for itself in the online trading world. The platform now offers over 300 currency pairs, and its offerings are a nice mix of major pairs and emerging or developing world currencies. With narrow spreads and low trading costs, there is little to dislike about this Forex trade exchange.

Is CMC The Best Forex Trading Platform In Australia?

CMC Markets’ trading program, hailed as the ‘Best Online Trading Platform’ by Money AM in 2013, has been consistently reinvented and boasts excellent applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The proprietary technology that CMC uses has fully customised trading tools and a variety of layouts, meant to allow traders to personalise their home page and individual trading platform. Actual trade execution can be customised as well — CMC provides 100% automated execution, but traders can choose to use one-click trading if they prefer. Best Forex trading platform Australia wide? An argument could certainly be made to support that assertion.

IC Markets

IC advertises itself as the world’s biggest true ECN (Electronic Communication Network,) meaning that the individual traders operating on its network can trade alongside the world’s major investment banks and institutions without dealing extensively with a middleman. IC has excellent market access and maintains servers in the NY4 & LD5 IBX Data Center — excellent news for traders who value price accuracy. The presence of these servers also allows their trading times to be much quicker than they otherwise would be, and sometimes that extra few milliseconds could be the difference between a successful trade and a missed opportunity.

IC Markets Best Forex Trading Platform Australia

IC Markets has several helpful features in its trading platform that often get overlooked. Its support staff is multilingual, so traders can seek and receive help in their most comfortable tongue. Users can trade with Meta Trader 4 or cTrader, and can receive leverage of up to 500:1 in both platforms. As a regulated broker with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, IC Markets is building on 25 years of experience in the Forex game to help its members strike it rich.


Any conversation about the best Forex trading platform Australia based has to include IG. Their vow to offer low spreads on a wide selection is validated with access to over 10,000 markets as a member, IG, one of the best forex broker Australia providers, is an excellent platform for high volume traders, largely due to its volume rebate scheme that richly rewards this group of traders. As Australia’s number one retail Forex provider, IG provides direct market access with Forex Direct and helpful technical and specific analysis tools to traders. The in-house trading platform devices that IG offers are also excellent products — the simplicity and manoeuvrability of its mobile applications allows traders location flexibility and will ensure that they never miss a trade opportunity.

IG Markets Trading Platform Australia Logo

Changes in Modern Forex Trading

As Forex trading progresses into 2016, traders are still looking for platforms that offer low fees, low spreads and fast trading speeds, but they need more than that. In order for a platform to be the best Forex trading platform Australia -wide, it needs to offer excellent mobile applications, personalised trading options for different types of traders, and fantastic customer service over several different forex trading platforms. The Forex industry is shifting toward automated updates and rapid, high-speed trading, and the platform that can best incorporate these changes into its model will succeed. Australia has an excellent slate of Forex platforms and providers, but they all must adapt or simply fade away.

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