Easy Forex Review: 'A Top 5' Forex Platform

Compare forex brokers completed an Easy Forex review with a focus on discovering which forex broker offered the best forex trading platform, spreads and leverage in Australia.

Please note Easy Forex rebranded to Easy Markets in January 2016.

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Easy Forex (now Easy Markets) is considered the best fx broker for beginners in Australia because:
– They offer the best training & support
– They offer guaranteed stops
– They have an easy to use forex platform
– They have low fixed spreads & fees

Easy Forex Support For New Traders

In our customer service comparison the two top brokers were Easy Forex for beginners and OANDA for advanced traders.

1) Dedicated Support

Easy Forex are one of the few Australian forex brokers offering a personal account manager who run tailored training to suit your currency trading level. Your also paired with an analyst to provide up-to-date market intelligence, currency strategies and can even execute forex orders at your request.

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2) Training Resources


Easy forex had a detailed learning centre that included videos (such as the one below), online resources and guides and even free ebooks. This is part of easyMarkets which combines the training offered and resources provided online to provide a holistic approach to training both on currency training and the easy forex platform.

Easy Forex Learning Centre

3) Up-To-Date News

Easy Forex offers the best forex trading platform news experience thanks to integration with reuters news. There is also a daily outlook provided by Easy Forex and other market news provided for free when currency trading using their platform.

Easy Forex Market Insights For Trading

Guaranteed Stops

Having safeguards are critical for any beginner traders or risk adverse trader. Guaranteed stops are the best safeguard possible when trading as you can pre-determine the most your willing to lose on any single trade.

Guaranteed Stops Comparison

It’s critical to understand stop-loss orders (offered by almost all forex brokers) is not the same as a guaranteed stop loss. When a normal ‘stop-loss’ order is made you can lose more than the pre-determined amount set due to slippage which occurs in high market volatility periods when your order can’t be filled at the stop loss amount. This extra loss can be quite high but by ‘guaranteeing’ the stop loss the broker will pay the differential.

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Easy Forex Review: An Industry Comparison

In our Compare Forex Brokers Easy Forex review we found that the company offers a number of services to suit and comply with the needs and demands of traders. While their trading platform is not too fast, they do offer MetaTrader 4 which has become a favourite among FX traders. Their best forex trading platform is also Mac and Windows compatible.

Easy Forex Review of Metatrader 4

As far as leverage is concerned, Plus 500, Easy Forex and FXCM offer 400:1, while Pepperstone offers 400:1 and ThinkForex boast a leverage ratio of 500:1. Minimum deposit amount varies with each broker but Easy Forex offer the lowest minimum deposit of $25.

Review of Easy Forex Leverage Ratio


Easy Forex Company Overview

Established back in 2003, it is a reputable Forex broker with a presence in more than 150 countries across the world. It offers customised technology and their best forex trading platform is tailor made to the needs of traders. The broker is licensed in Australia as well as under CySec in Cyprus. Forex is indeed a very complicated and volatile trading arena that demands a lot of research and discipline.

Review Easy Forex's Sign Up BonusBut with Easy Forex, traders both amateur and experienced are provided with all the tools and insights necessary to become seasoned and successful currency traders.

Easy Forex Review of Account Types

There are different types of trading accounts available with Easy Forex. Traders can select an account they feel comfortable with and one that meets their trading needs. With a minimum margin to risk of $25 and three account types on offer ranging from standard to premium to VIP, one can open an account with the best forex trading platform to suit them and commence trading straight away.

easy forex options

A major benefit of Easy Forex is that they offer fixed spreads from 1.8 pips for the VIP, best forex trading platform account, and 3 pips for the standard. You can be certain that no matter the volatility experienced in the market or the amount of currency available to trade, whatever bid/ask spread Easy Forex quote you will be honoured without change.

Easy Forex Currency Trading Rates

The company also boasts free SMS market rate alerts, technical analysis reports and provides guaranteed stop losses. These are really important for any trader new to the forex industry. Not only do they enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions, but they also help reduce your losses if market forces move against you.

Why Easy Forex Offers One Of The Best Forex Trading Platforms

Easy Forex has become a household name among newbie traders who want to embark on the world of currency trading. It is a perfectly legitimate broker that complies with all Australian financial regulations.

Experience Easy Forex Trading For Yourself

With more than 10 years worth of experience, Easy Forex has emerged as one of the biggest players in the Forex broking industry and boasts a proven track record. The broker has never been embroiled in any kind of scandal or scam which gives a clear insight into just how genuine the company is. One can expect excellent service and quality assurance when choosing Easy Forex as their broker of choice. If you are just starting out in Forex, Easy Forex’s trading platform will help you adapt and grasp the fast paced Forex market sooner.

Easy Forex Trading Platform

Reliability & Regulation

Reliability of a over the counter (OTC) Forex broker is indeed a primary concern for traders who all require fast and accurate execution to lock in their profits. At the same time with so many brokers operating in the market, it is incredibly difficult selecting the best forex trading platform for you. For those thinking of dabbling in currency trading but want to make sure they select a no nonsense broker with decent trading platform, look no further than Easy Forex. In our Easy Forex review it was discovered that in Australia their market share was considerable, particularly among beginner to intermediate forex traders.

Easy Forex Australian Business Details

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