Pepperstone Trading Platform Review 2017

We conducted a comprehensive Pepperstone review alongside other Forex brokers in 2017.
See why we think they offer the best forex trading platform in Australia.

In 2017 a Pepperstone trading platform review recommended for forex broker based on five factors:

  1. The option of the two most popular platforms (MT4 and cTrader)
  2. Fast execution speeds
  3. Low spreads on their Razor account
  4. The ability to trade other financial products
  5. Customer Service

Pepperstone Forex Trading Platform Options

Pepperstone offer no less than 7 trading platforms affording clients a diverse range of options so they can choose the best forex trading platform to suits their needs. This includes the two most popular platforms:

1) MetaTrader 4

You can be sure that Meta Trader 4, one of the most popular trading programs available is supported. In a quick Pepperstone review you’ll find that they offer Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 4 ECN, Meta Trader 4 for Mac and Meta Trader 4 in web trader format. Furthermore, Pepperstone is one of the first Forex brokers in Australia to offer Metatrader 5 which builds on the popular features of Meta Trader 4.

Pepperstone Forex Trading Platform Comparison2) cTrader

For those that are after something more sophisticated and robust, Pepperstone also offer their cTrader platform which allows for the highly efficient management of trading positions in a fast paced market. The platform allows traders to directly access liquidity from Pepperstone’s provider banks such as UBS, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. Comparatively speaking, in the Pepperstone review we conducted, the only companies that came close to the products offered by Pepperstone were FXCM & ThinkForex. Plus500 and Easy Forex have their benefits in other areas but in terms of the actual, best forex trading platforms, they don’t really compete.

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Compatible Devices

Even though traders might plan on spending most of their time on their home or work computers to trade during the business day, in practice it doesn’t always happen. Traders need the ability to trade on the go on their mobile phone or tablet. Thankfully Pepperstone offer a number of mobile options with all of their products available iPad and table devices as well as any Android and iPhone.

compatible devices for pepperstone's best forex trading platform

Spreads With Pepperstone

Pepperstone Spreads 2017In our comprehensive Pepperstone we found that they also offered the lowest spreads starting at 0.1 Pips for the AUD/USD currency pair. They also offer leverage of 400:1 which is second only to ThinkForex. Pepperstone also offer an amazing 70 currencies and metals available for trading when users deposit a minimum of $200 in their trading platforms, The next best company, FXCM only offer 50 currency pairs.

These features when combined with Pepperstone’s technology, undoubtedly help contribute towards offering the best forex trading platform in Australia.

A Review of Pepperstone's business details

Execution Speeds When Trading With Pepperstone

In our Pepperstone forex trading platform review we were able to quickly establish that their platforms’ speed of execution were much faster than most other competitors. The EDGE Environment account is the best forex trading platform Pepperstone have on offer currently. The company pride themselves on the fact that this EDGE platform is roughly 12 X faster than competitor platforms.

Pepperstone review of execution speeds

The next best platform was from FXCM but in our tests Pepperstone’s platform was in a league of its own thanks mainly to its Electronic Communications Network discussed below and their fibre optical connections to liquidity providers and large banks.

Benefits of No Dealing Desk

In our Compare Forex broker research into the best forex trading platforms, only Pepperstone and FXCM offered No Dealing Desk execution but what does this mean and why does it benefit traders? The main benefits pertain to a lack of conflict of interest between brokers and traders. Brokers with a dealing desk act as a counter-party of each trade and from time to time might take up a position that is at loggerheads with the interests of a trader. No Dealing Desk (NDD) basically means that traders are not trading against, or with, a dealer or broker.

Pepperstone review the use of a dealing desk

The broker facilitating the trade takes up no position against the trader. Instead, traders both big and small are provided the same equal access to the interbank market for liquidity, essentially making them independent market makers.

Customer Service


Investment Trends found Pepperstone to be the best Australian forex broker when it came to customer service. This was due to their personalised customer service team which have real forex trading experience.

Their is support through the Pepperstone forex trading platform such as MT4, over the phone, live chat or via e-mail. Support is 24 hours during the working week. The focus of the experienced support team is to provide assistance to meet your trading goals, not just to execute a transaction.

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About This Pepperstone Review

This Pepperstone review was compiled and updated at the start of 2017 by our panel of trading experts. We aim to bring readers only accurate information about the world’s top FX brokers so as to make their trading experience a positive one. Please be aware that sometimes information found on our website may be incorrect.

Even though we have great attention to detail and our propensity to update reviews and tables is compulsive, mistakes do occur from time to time. Furthermore, brokers tend to update their features every few months. We’re usually on top of all these updates. However, to be 100% certain please validate all information found on our website with broker websites.

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