Why Australian Brokers Were Critical During The Swiss Shock

In January 2015 one of the rarest events in currency history occurred when Switzerland removed its currency ceiling against the Euro. The result was that the currency immediately increasing 39% against the euro and then eventually settling. This

Swiss Franc Forex Change

How Does Leverage Work in The Forex Market?

There are many terms and definitions bandied about in the world of foreign exchange with a number of concepts that traders need to know and understand before they should even consider opening a trading account. One such

Leverage benefits and risks

Forex Comparison Site Benefits For Forex Traders

Brief Background I was chatting to a friend not too long ago about day-trading shares. He and I often have robust conversations about certain stocks we believe or see potential in. Our share portfolios are not that large, this

Forex Tips To Select The Best Broker

Most Australian forex traders select a forex broker based on 'word of mouth', a recommendation from a forex course or training site or a sign up bonus. It's quite rare for these traders to actually have the