Best Forex Bonus Deposit Offers

Most forex brokers offer a bonus on your initial deposit to get you to trial their currency trading platform. These forex bonuses are often a percentage of your deposit and will be awarded after a set ‘turnover’ target is set. This offer is a great incentive to try to new forex traders and to try forex for the first time.

Compare the best forex bonus deposit offers available to Australians below.

  • ?Promotional Bonus For $750 Deposit
  • ?Leverage
  • ?Minimum Deposit
  • ?Minimum Deal Size
  • ?Guaranteed Stops
  • ?Regulated In
  • ?Spread Fee-AUD/USD
  • ?Rolling Fee (Premium For Holding A Position after a certain hour)
  • ?Charge a withdrawal fee?
  • ?Fixed or Variable Fees?
  • ?Payment Methods
  • ?Reviews
  • ?Ease Of Use
  • Pepperstone Bonus
  • New, eligible Pepperstone clients will earn 10 Qantas Points per $1 on their first deposit, up to a maximum of 100,000 points.
  • 500:1
  • $25
  • From 5000
  • No
  • Australia
  • From 0.1 Pips
  • 0.01%
  • No
  • Fixed
  • from 17 reviews
  • Visit Website
  • Receive 50% bonus on up to a $1,000 deposit or 40% bonus on up to $5,000 deposit. Required trades are equal to the Eligible Deposit Bonus divided by 10.
  • 200:1
  • $50
  • From 1000
  • No
  • Australia
  • From 1.3 Pips
  • Rollover is based on interest rate differential between the two currencies and differs for short & long positions.
  • No
  • Variable
  • from 7 reviews
  • Visit Website
  • No Bonus Currently Offered
  • 500:1
  • $100
  • From 1000
  • No
  • Australia
  • From 1.5 Pips
  • Rollover is based on interest rate differential between the two currencies traded and differs for short & long positions.
  • No
  • Variable
  • from 219 reviews
  • Visit Website
  • $50 credit bonus for ForexCT Mini Account with a minimum deposit of $100
  • 400:1
  • $500
  • From 10,000
  • Yes
  • Australia
  • From 2 pips
  • Rollover is based on interest rate differential between the two currencies traded and differs for short & long positions.
  • No
  • Variable
  • from 11 reviews
  • Visit Website

Easy Markets Has The Best Forex Bonus Deposit Offer

A number of forex brokers both domestically and overseas offer Australians forex bonus offers on their initial deposit. A comparison of the best forex bonus deposit offers in August 2018 found that the Easy Markets offer was superior with a:Easy markets

  • A trading bonus up to $2000 (50%) based on the traders first deposit
  • Advanced features such as Deal Cancellation
  • Fixed Spreads allowing traders to know their brokers fees
  • Guaranteed stops protecting brokers from slippage
  • Strong leverage of 400:1
  • An easy deposit process with the option of using Paypal

Visit Plus 500 Website


Details of the bonus offer

To receive the Easy Markets bonus, the first deposit must be in excess of USD $100. The bonus is then linked to the amount as shown below.

Easy Markets Forex Broker Offer

* The bonus is converted to the base currency of the traders at market rate (normally AUD for Australian brokers).

To claim the bonus, contact the relationship manager dedicated to your account and quote the term ‘First Deposit’. You must agree to this as part of the registration process so make sure you contact the relationship manager early.

The bonus is open to those that have not used Easy Markets before and are of legal age. They must use the default MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. Withdrawals can be made at any time of profits from trading the bonus. Trades need to be completed within 30 days from when the bonus is received. The bonus itself can’t be withdrawn or transferred. If should be noted that while you can withdraw profits, withdrawing any of the deposit will lead to proportional losses in bonuses.

Forex Bonus

Other elements to compare forex brokers

Bonus offers should only be one element used to find the best forex broker for you. There are three criteria points that most experienced forex traders use to find the more suitable broker:

1) Leverage

It is only possible to make large profits or losses with Forex due to leverage. All brokers are forex leverage brokers offering to match your deposit (or the amount you’re willing to risk on a trade) up to 500 times your stake. This means that hypothetically, if you chose Plus 500 as your platform and had $1,000 to invest in buying USD the broker could offer up to 200x this amount which is Guaranteed Stops$200,000. This means that now when the USD moves up or down the impact on profit or loss will be significant.

When we compare forex brokers above you can see that leverage dramatically differs by the fx brokers. For many experienced forex traders that are looking for higher risk/leverage it’s critical to have the ability to have a forex leverage broker that offers up to 500:1 leverage. Having the ability to have guaranteed stops for these brokers can be also critical to ensure that any possible loss on a trade if pre-determined.

2) Fees

The fee structure within the Australian forex broker industry is not standardised and differs dramatically by forex broker. Some brokers for example have fees on elements such as withdrawals or even when when you hold a trade for a long period. This in the industry is called the rolling fee and when you compare forex brokers above you can see this row. The main fees though relate to the spread fee which can differ by currency. As the AUD/USD is one of the most commonly traded currencies the forex broker comparison table has a row looking at this fee as well.

Visit Plus 500 Website

3) Reputation

As with any financial service, reputation is critical to ensure your money is in safe hands. The best forex brokers are Aussie regulated and have subsidiaries in Australia (even though they are global players). This ensures that deposits are kept in Australian bank accounts and all trades are executed in line with Australian government rules and regulations.

When we compare the best forex bonus deposit offers the authors also select the top review websites to give an insight into what existing traders thinks of the platforms. This was closely considered when working from the original 16 forex brokers down to 5 for each table.

Plus500 AU Details On Creditor Watch


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