Easy Forex Review of Bonus Offers

Compare Forex Brokers reviewed Easy Forex’s Bonus Offers on the 14/01/2018.
We found their bonus offer to be among the most competitive in the Forex industry.

Easy Forex (now called EasyMarkets) is a prominent and well-rounded Forex broker offering traders exposure to many different markets, currency pairs and commodities. Our Easy Markets review found the broker:

  • Provides the choice of MetaTrader 4 or their own forex trading platform
  • Offers exclusively Deal Cancellation that allows a broker to cancel a trader within an hour
  • Includes features such as Guaranteed Stops and Negative Balance Protection
  • Offers fixed spreads

The forex broker also offers sign-up bonuses* that are explained below.

*Excluding EU clients

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Easy Forex Review of Bonus Offers and Special Promotions

Capital is of course the most important factor when it comes to controlling currency in the Forex market. Easy Forex understands this and for this very reason offers several ways to make your initial deposit go further with bonus offers and other promotions. The bonus offers change quite frequently and at certain times of the year, Easy Forex make it more lucrative to sign up. We try to stay on top of these promotions and discounts. However, it is always advised to visit their official website from time to make sure you are taking advantage of the very latest offer.

Easy Forex Review Of Bonus Offer
Our Easy Forex review found they have an excellent free Demo Account which traders can use to practice and get to know the trading platform before commencing live trades. As of January 2018 Easy Forex are offering traders a 20% bonus on their initial deposits up to $2,000*.

On top of the initial deposit bonus, traders can also take advantage of personal Forex training sessions and timely market intel with research and analysis to help improve the success rate of their trades. Easy Forex also offer users multiple currencies, commodities and indices assets to trade on. An options platform also exists for hedging and speculating.

How to Claim Your Bonus Offer with Easy Forex

It’s not always so simple to take advantage of bonus offers or promotions through Forex brokers. Our Easy Forex review are one of a few brokers that enable customers to easily take advantage of the bonus offers or credit available to them. While there is a definite procedure to claim your bonus trading credit, Easy Forex definitely do not make you jump through hoops which is quite refreshing for the Forex industry. We have detailed the 3 steps required to claim your bonuses below.

EasyForex Review of How To Register

1. Register: First and foremost you need to register a trading account with the broker. As a trader, you are free to open an account with a minimum deposit of just $25 which is quite attractive and affordable at the same time.
2. Deposit: In order to claim the first time welcome bonus of 20%, all you need to do is deposit a minimum amount of $25 up to $2000 into your trading account. Easy Forex supports payment methods such as Skrill, Credit Card and Electronic Wire Transfer.
3. Apply: Once your account is active and money has been deposited you will need to fill out a separate form requesting the bonus amount available to you. On the form you must specify all details of the trading account. The wait is usually around 24 hours after which time the requisite bonus amount will be added to your account. It is that simple!

Easy Forex bonus offers and benefits

Easy Forex Bonus Offers Terms & Conditions

With any bonus or promotion there exist a number of terms and conditions that users need to be aware of to ensure they do not forfeit their right to that offer. While we do summarise the terms here, we still advise you to visit the Easy Forex website and read through the rules and regulations for yourself as bonuses and special offers are subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions of Easy Forex Review Bonus Offer
One should know that the welcome bonus of 20% can be only obtained when the trader deposits at least $25 in their trading account up to a maximum of $2000. The bonus funds will be made available within 24 hours of making the initial deposit. The bonus amount comes with expiry date so it is advised to make best use of it before time runs out. The bonus is for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn. The bonus is for one trading account per trader only. You can read the full terms and conditions here.

It should also be noted any bonus excludes EU clients.

Final Verdict: Why Opt for Easy Forex

So what is the overall verdict from our Easy Forex review?

Easy Forex has been in the market for quite a long time and has its finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing and understanding Forex traders. You can rest assured trading with Easy Forex is safe, secure and payouts are made in a timely fashion. The ability to take advantage of sign up bonuses in just 3 simple steps is appealing to time poor traders who want to commence trading as soon as possible. Their fantastic customer service is something many Australian traders cite too when recommending the company. While you won’t be getting the best trading credit in the market right now, if you are looking at other factors such as leverage and trading platform ease of use, Easy Forex is definitely the right broker for you. Get acquainted with their demo account first and see for yourself.

See Easy Forex Bonus Offers For Yourself

About EasyMarkets

Easy Forex has been operating in financial markets for more than a decade and is well known for their customer service, innovative features of their trading platforms and bonus offers. Operating in roughly 150 countries across the globe, in Australia, Easy Forex is regulated in Australia under Australian law which further adds to their credentials as a top Forex broker.

Easy Forex Australia Details

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