Go Markets Review Of Fees & Spreads For Australian Forex Traders

On the 20th of December 2015 Compare Forex Brokers conducted GO Markets review.

View their fees and spreads based on our forex trading Australia comparison.

Our GO Markets review found they are of Australia’s top providers of low fee forex trading services in Australia. It offers commodities and margin FX trading to clients. The company is known for its flexible leverage options, low fees, fast execution and multi- bank liquidity feed. The company has an Australian Financial Service Licence to operate in Australia since 2004.

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A Quick Summary: Go Markets Forex Trading Australia

a) Is a multi- award winning forex trading service provider
b) Holds client funds in segregated accounts
c) Uses price improvement technology
d) Provides free online education and trading tools
e) Has qualified account managers who offer premium, customised support to clients
f) Has market- leading spreads
g) Does not restrict trading; clients get full use of the EAs
h) Provides up to 500: 1 leverage
i) Has a variety of accounts to match individual client needs
j) Maintains a 24/ 5 customer support desk
k) Offer low fee forex broker variations

Go Markets Review Of Bonus Offers

GO Markets is one of the major providers of online forex trading services. The company offers commodities and margin FX trading to individual and institutional clients around the globe. Its flexible leverage options, fast execution and multi – bank liquidity feed have brought the company into prominence in recently.Trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform is designed to help clients experience great value through market leading, premium execution services and spreads. This is one of the reasons why GO Markets was voted the best trading platform in Australia.

Go Markets Review Of MetaTrader 4

Spreads Review

GO Markets is known as having some of the lowest fees for forex brokers in Australia. This makes the company one of the best choices for traders who are particularly interested in low fees. The following fee snapshot was taken on the 18/11/2014:

Go Markets Review Of Spreads (Investing)

Our GO Markets review found that a key differentiation is the that the broker offers price improvement technology. The way this technology is works is to source the best price available for each trade with the ability to review a plethora of trade data hundreds of times a minute. If when an Australian forex trader make a trade the price improves at that point, the technology will source that better price even in volatile currency markets.

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Features and Services

a) Mobile Forex Trading Platforms

The forex broker offers mobile trading so that clients can maximise their trading and time. The MT4 account is accessible both on Android and iPhone mobile handsets. Clients can view open positions, pricing and execution (including placing buy and sell orders, profit and loss of trades among others) in the real time. The mobile trading platforms also enable clients to get the latest developments in financial markets irrespective of location, time or date. GO Markets’ mobile trading apps are also designed for individual phone operating systems. This way, clients are able to manage their forex trading accounts on the GO. Additionally, the mobile trading platforms are easy to use, have simple user interfaces and simulate the desktop trading experience.

b) AFSL Holder

The company holds an AFSL License and is regulated by within Australia. Therefore, clients are not bound in their trading to NFA restrictions. Those trading with the broker benefit from unrestricted trading, hedging and utilisation of pending orders (such as stop loss orders).

c) Personalised Service

Our GO Markets review found the the forex trading Australia provider offers outstanding personalised customer service. Their traders receive personal accounts managers who provide training and assistance through the MetaTrader 4 Platform. The customer support professionals working here are also available 24 / 7 to assist clients with all their needs. The company also processes withdrawals, funding and account applications fast. Based on these features they were are one of the most awarded traders listed on Compare Forex Brokers and has received the AFR Smart Investor Blue Ribbon award.

GO Markets Review Of Technology

In the current volatile currency market, latency or delays can have a mega impact on trading. Therefore, the trading platform you use and its environment are important in terms of time to market. As banks and markets move faster, it is vital that you trade on the most recent, accurate data and that trades execute quickly and reliably. Working using data that is even a couple of seconds old significantly increases your risk. With this in mind, GO Markets has addressed this issue in the following 3 ways:

a) Speed

Latency refers to the speed at which different trades are executed. Trades can be executed faster when the latency is low. This also lowers the chance of negative spillage and raises the trading accuracy.

b) Reliability

GO uses upgraded technology because server up-time is critical in forex trading. The technology is designed to provide low redundancy levels, minimal downtime and the peace of mind clients need while trading.

c) Security

Our GO Markets review found that security was a key feature of the forex broker as it stores the trader servers in ultra-secure locations to ensure that client data is safeguarded. At the moment, this data is stored in Equinix NY4 and Equinix LD4 data centres, the premier global FX liquidity hubs. These two centres are:

– Secure, fast and reliable
– Designed to facilitate low latency environments with ultra-fast data transfer and fast execution speeds

There net assets in 2015 is shown below.


Editors Conclusion

Our GO Markets review shows the fx broker has one of the lowest fees and spreads in Australia not the lowest as you can view on our our forex trading Australia comparison table. What they do have is the market leading technology, the higher leverage ratio of a ‘low fee’ brokers (500:1)  and some of the most lucrative bonuses upon first deposit.

If your looking for a high leverage broker that offers low fees and spreads, then GO Markets will best suit you. If on the other hands only fees and spreads are your focus you should compare forex brokers on our comparison table to find one that better suits your needs.

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GO Markets Review 2015

Review of GO Markets for Australian forex traders who demand low spreads and commission when looking for an fx broker.

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