Low Leverage Brokers Suitable For Advanced Australian Forex Trading

Unacceptable risk can be associated with high leverage brokers when forex trading in Australia even for advanced traders.

Below we compare the best forex brokers for advanced traders who prefer lower leverage levels.

  • Spread Fee – AUD/USD
  • Offers Fixed Spreads?
  • Leverage
  • Ease Of Use
  • Speed of Execution?
  • MetaTrader Supported?
  • Minimum Deposit?
  • Compatible Devices
  • Guaranteed Stops?
  • Regulated Within
  • Payment Methods
  • Reviews
  • Promotional Bonus?

Easy Forex Is The Recommended Forex Trading Australia Account For Advanced Traders

A comparison of Australian forex trading accounts for advanced traders completed and updated in January 2016 (first published on November 17 2015) found that Easy Forex offers the best value. This was due to the broker:

  • Providing free personal trainers and dealer support
  • Providing guaranteed stops which prevents slippage in volatile markets
  • Offering fixed spreads so you always know the costs involved in trading
  • Allowing Australian traders to choose their level of leverage 
  • Holds all deposits in a segregated Westpac Account

Experience Easy Forex Trading For Yourself

Easy Forex Has Outstanding Customer Service

Easy-Forex is one of the worlds largest forex brokers and provides a dedicated account service manager for professional market insights and platform support.

The broker is has an Australian Financial Licence within Australia with an office in Sydney. The global fx broker services clients in 160+ countries and offers all forex trading Australia accounts with access to expert market analysis & technical reports through channels including videos, SMS to live videos. Forex trading forums regularly discuss this as one of the brokers best features.

Only A Few Australian Forex Brokers Offer Guaranteed Stops

Guaranteed stops are an excellent way advanced Australian forex traders manage risk and is offered by Easy-Forex.

The Australian forex broker is able to offer guaranteed stops using the latest technology. They focus on the principle that a forex trading Australia account should ensure you never lose more then the stop loss amount defined individuals traders.

Experience Easy Forex Trading For Yourself

Spreads & Fees Certainty

The fixed spreads are unique to Easy-Forex which while are not always the lowest, provide certainty to Australian forex traders.

The broker offers fractional pips. This is a tenth of a pip allowing traders to make decisions based on smaller increments and market movements. This extra price detail helps traders see more market detail helping make informed decisions. You can see below the different account types offered and fixed spreads offered.

Easy-Forex Trading Features

Leverage Offered By Easy-Forex

Easy Forex offer a high level of leverage for Australian traders at 400:1.

What makes Easy-Forex though stand out is the Forex Trading Australia accounts can be pre-set at a maximum leverage amount which combined with fixed spreads can help manage the level of acceptable risk. It’s advised that even advanced traders with a low risk profile talk to their account manager to ensure they understand the rules and conditions or guaranteed stops to ensure its executed correctly in all markets. This was discuss in forex trading forums where some individuals were confused about stops until they spoke to their account manager.

Easy Forex Offers MetaTrader 4

Like most other Australian forex brokers, Easy-Forex offers traders MetaTrader 4, the most popular trading platform in the world.

In addition of MetaTrader 4 the forex trading Australia platform options including an iPhone, Windows Phone and we Trading platform which requires no download. There is also Trade Desk™ which is ideal for market information, charting and trading with a series of modules for an enhanced visual layout.

Forex Trading Platform Options

Bonus Offers For Australian Forex Traders

Easy-Forex offers one of the best with a 20% bonus on the first deposit up to USD $2,000 for new clients who trade on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The deposit must be made within 30 days of opening the account and you should contact your dedicated account service manager and quote “20% Bonus” to ensure you receive the bonus.

Experience Easy Forex For YourselfHow This Forex Comparison Was Made

On the 14/01/2016 the best forex brokers that had an AFSL and were tabulated based on their spreads, fees, leverage and other factors. A final list of the ‘top 10’ brokers were created and then based on different brokers needs, nine tables were created with five brokers and a recommendation including our forex trading Australia comparison page. In this case, the criteria was to find Australian forex trading accounts for advanced traders who want to manage their risk. Accordingly elements such as leverage had lower weightings whereas features such as guaranteed stops were given greater importance.Forex Trading Forum For Advanced Forex Traders

The information on the tables and recommendations come directly form the providers websites and forex forums. In some circumstances these brokers were contacted for additional information to ensure an accurate comparison is made. No automation was used when making this comparison (for example the use of scraping software of API’s). As all data was manually gathered the information should be used as a guide only to find the right broker for your needs. No actual trading accounts can be purchased on this site, rather users are directed to the providers website. This ensures that individuals have a chance to verify all the information shown on this fx comparison site and read produce disclosure statements prior to opening an account. Feedback, suggestions or corrections are always welcome and can be made by our contact form.

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