IG Trading Review 2019

This IG Trading review was completed on the 9th of January 2019 and focuses on their forex trading products. You can also learn about their CFDs here.

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The IG Trading review focused on what has led to it’s popularity as Australia’s largest retail forex trading provider* including five key strengths:

  1. Transparent low spreads
  2. Minimal slippage rates by industry standards
  3. Unique trading platform and charting options
  4. Strong customer service reputation
  5. The option of several forex trading platforms

Each of these strengths are discussed in detail below including more detail about the forex broker and other financial products offered by IG.

What Fees Existing When IG Trading?

IG Markets offers three forex broker accounts each which have different spreads and commissions associated with them.

IG Markets CFDs Forex Spreads Jan 20161) IG CFDs On Forex Account

For beginner traders IG Markets allows forex trading through ‘Contracts For Difference’ also known as CFDs. Trading CFDs allows forex brokers to trade with leverage across the leading currency pairings with the ability to trade short or long.

The table for the right shows the minimum and average spreads for the four weeks ending 05/02/2017 for froex cfd trading. The spreads are the main charges that are applicable for this account with no commissions charged.

IG Markets MT4 Spreads 20162) MetaTrader 4 Account

For intermediate traders or those who are familiar with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the worlds most popular platform this account may suit you. Our IG Markets Trading review found that MT4 has ultra-fast trading, virtual private servers and no third party bridges.

The fees on MT4 are the highest of the three based on the average spread published by IG Markets in 2015 (shown on the right) so choosing this option will be more for the advantages of the platform, not the currency trading fees associated with it.

3) Forex Direct Account

IG Trading Spreads Review
Forex direct allows forex trading at market prices, with traders having access to liquidity from the worlds largest currency providers. The fees for these accounts are largely based on commissions that are fixed including:

  • <100 Size (millions of USD) =  $60 Commission (USD per million)
  • <500 Size (millions of USD) = $30 Commission (USD per million)
  •  <1,500 Size (millions of USD) = $20 Commission (USD per million)
  • 1,500+ Size (millions of USD) = $10 Commission (USD per million)

The positive of having commissions that are fixed is the spreads which are variable are ‘market rates’ which as the table to the right (based on August 2016) highlights, are significantly lower than the MT4 or standard CFD forex account that IG Markets offers.

Other advantages of a forex direct account is that trade speeds are superior due to IG’s infrastructure within the Equinix LD4 facility.

You can also automate your forex market trading using the FIX API or web based training API with no dealing desk intervention.

Which IG Account Has The Lowest Fees?

Overall, our IG trading review found that the forex direct account is superior as the lower spreads of the account with outweigh in more scenario the commissions charged. The account also sources forex rates from top global banks & exchanges maximising value when forex trading. Read more about the platform options online.

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Slippage In 2017 By IGExecution Rates And Slippage

IG markets is one of the few forex brokers that publish their slippage rates online with the table to the right the percentage of orders filled without slippage as of the December 2016.

Our IG trading review versus CMC Markets rated the execution speeds strongly due to 99% of trades been processed within 0.10 seconds worldwide. Their worldwide system can also cope in turbulent markets when turnover increases exponentially. Just on a daily basis their platform receives over 40,000 web users and roughly the same number of mobile users. In fact, between October 2015 – December 2015 over 20 million orders were processed through IG.

Another feature that helps ensure the best price is achieved in turbulent markets is through IG trading pricing improvement technology. This ensures that orders are not filled at level worse than a forex trader requested. Also, if the market moves against a trader, an order will be requested to be resubmitted rather than filled at the worse price. If on the other hand, the market moves in your favour with a better price available when you make a trade, the trader will get that price.

IG Trading Review Of The Forex Platforms Available

There are two sets of options that our IG trading review found forex traders can adopt.

1) Core IG trading platforms

IG’s main platform is browser based for desktop users and downloadable apps for mobile users. The key strengths of the core platforms is the ability to customise the forex platform’s layout which can be saved for traders preferences. Advanced users can add DMA prices, trailing stops, advanced charts and multiple deal tickets. Other standard features like one-click trading and the ability to trade directly from charts also exists. Share CFDs trading is another option with the core platform.

IG Forex Trading Platform Review

The core platforms all include Reuters news with the ability to get stories and newsflashes without delay. Autochartist can also be installed, which monitors the market and informs forex traders to charting patterns that could yield an opportunity. Finally, ‘Trading Central’ is offered, a technical analysis centre that provides charts, daily e-mails and updates for forex traders.

2) Specialist IG trading platforms

IG also offers the more mainstream platforms including MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the most popular forex trading platform in the world. It should be noted that if you want to use the MT4 platform you must open an MetaTrader 4 account which IG which has higher fees as highlighted above.

IG Trading Platform Review

L2 Dealer also allows index trading across all major share indices which can be pegged to the Australian dollar.

So How Does IG Platforms Stack Up?

It’s to be commended that IG offers so many forex platforms to it’s traders. That said, it only offers one of the two popular forex platforms (MT4) and not cTrader. Additionally, if you do choose MT4, you don’t get low spreads offered for the core platform which was viewed as a negative. Overall, if your happy with the core platform, IG is worthwhile but if your looking for a mainstream platform, you should consider your options.

Both the core platform and MT4 have IG trading demo account options to try them before committing to a live account.

Leverage IG Trading Review

Leveraged products (IG markets margin rates) are critical when forex trading to the relatively small movements within currency markets. The forex broker offers 300:1 leverage also know as a 0.5 margin rate which is one of the lowest rates within Australia.

IG Markets Guaranteed StopsThis lower leverage rate may exclude some forex traders who have a high risk appetite. On the plus side, lower leverage may be ideal for those new to forex trading or risk adverse traders. Another feature that IG offers risk adverse traders is guaranteed stops. This can help manage the risk of losing you money. For an extra fee, a normal ‘stop loss’ order can be guaranteed making sure you can’t lose more than a set amount on a trade, even in a highly turbulent market where slippage may occur.

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Customer Service

IG is one of the few forex brokers to offer support 24 hours a day which includes their Melbourne call centre duration Australian trading hours. There are is also good education options including seminars held across Australia, pre-recorded and live webinars. There are also tools to help trade from free data, commentary and economic calendars for live traders.

One of  the key strengths noted in our IG trading review when compared to easyMarkets, Saxo Capital Markets and IC Markets was the popularity and reputation of the broker. As mentioned at the start, they are the largest retail broker based on their Australian subsidiary ‘IG Markets Limited’ which is Australian regulated which includes meeting training requirements and segregating client accounts.

IG Bloomberg

Funding options are limited with IG Markets and include three options (each which have different fees):

a) Credit Cards
Visa and Mastercard (not AMEX) are accepted when IG trading with funds transferred immediately but a fee of 1.5% charged.

b) Debit Cards
Visa debit is accepted with instant transfer of funds and a 0.5% fee applied. Mastercard debit is also instant and has no fees applied.

c) BPay
BPay has no costs to fund your account but it can take up to two working days for funds to be transferred.

IG Trading Review Conclusion

Our IG Trading review found the forex broker offered the best best value to traders looking to start trading with low to medium risk trade conditions, low fees and happy to use the brokers standard platform. IG is not suitable for high risk traders as they only offer a leverage of 200:1 and those looking to use a mainstream platform may want to view our fx comparison tables due to IG’s limited options and extra trading fees associated with them. Overall though, for most mainstream Australian forex trader IG offers great value and excellent customer service relative to competitors. You can check out our full comparison of IG Markets with Plus500, Pepperstone and Axitrader.

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*November 2014 FX Report. Popularity by primary retail relationships.

*information on this site is sourced from IG Trading website. Please confirm details are update to date and correct before signing up with IG Trading.