High Leverage Forex Trading Brokers For Intermediate Traders

In January 2019 we compiled an Australian forex trading comparison of brokers suited most to intermediate traders with a high risk tolerance.

The table below is for those traders with an intermediate knowledge of currency markets and the ability to withstand unforeseen losses due to high leverage.

Best Australian Broker Image
  • Leverage
  • Guaranteed Stops?
  • Cuts Out a Dealing Desk?
  • Speed of Execution?
  • MetaTrader Supported?
  • Avoids Charging Withdrawal Fee?
  • Spread Fee – AUD/USD
  • Minimum Deposit?
  • Regulated Within
  • Headquarters In Australia?
  • Promotional Bonus?
  • Payment Methods
  • Reviews

IC Markets: The Perfect Broker for Intermediate Traders with High Risk Appetites

On the 6th of January 2018 the Compare Forex Brokers team completed our extensive research into the top tier Forex brokers. We were specifically looking for Forex brokers geared towards those with intermediate knowledge of currency markets and can afford to take on significant risk through higher leverage. IC Markets fit the bill perfectly mainly due to their 500:1 leverage, speedy order execution and strict AFSL regulation which builds confidence in traders of all capability.

How Did We Compile This Intermediate & High Risk Forex Comparison?

The above comparison chart geared towards forex traders with solid trading experience and a penchant for high risk or leverage, initially started as a list of 15 – 20 Forex providers. After approximately 3 months of close analysis we reduced our list down to the ‘Top 5’seen above with IC Markets branded Australia’s best broker for high leverage based on the following key criteria:

  • 500:1 Leverage – The most in Australia
  • No Dealing Desk (NDD)
  • Super-Fast Execution Speeds
  • MetaTrader 4, 5 & cTrader platforms
  • Low spreads from 0.4 Pips

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IC Markets Are the Market Leaders in High Leverage

Traders with intermediate to advanced Forex trading Australia experience already understand the risks associated with trading leveraged products. It is for this reason our team has not recommended IC Markets to anyone with little currency trading knowledge or to those who cannot sustain much exposure to loss if market prices go against them. When we commenced our research, IC Markets were the first Australian broker to offer 500:1 leverage. However, due to the competitiveness of the industry a number of IC Market’s rivals have followed suit and now also offer 500:1 leverage including ThinkForex & CMC Markets.

If you are hesitating about trading with 500:1 leverage, rest assured you don’t need to start with 500:1 right off the bat. In fact, the IC Markets account we trialled let us select the leverage option that best suited us. IC Markets allow you to select leverage options ranging from 1:1 all the way up to 500:1 but please bear in mind these changes take 24 hours to process.

Why you might prefer high leverage

High Leverage when used properly can lead to extremely significant profits however if forex currency movements are not in your favour they can lead to significance losses. Currency movements whilst sometimes volatile don’t tend to change significantly from day to day the vast majority of the time. While sometimes a major even such as a political event might occur which will see currency movements change significantly, this should be treated as an exception to the rule.

As changes in currency pairs tend to only be incremental it can be difficult to generate significant profits in quick time. Use of high leverage or high margin based leverage can help to achieve this. High margin trading can therefore be a useful tool in a skilled and experience forex traders arsenal. High Leverage however,  is generally only recommended for experienced and intermediate traders as the high risk can also mean substantial losses. Highly leveraged trading should therefore be used responsibly.

IC Markets Offer the Perfect Spreads for Intermediate, High Risk Traders

Using the high leverage forex trading Australia services IC Markets has to offer, traders can take advantage of spreads fees starting at just 0.1 Pips. On average spreads offered by the company are around the 0.4 Pips mark which is exactly the fee they offer on trading the popular USD/AUD currency pair.
IC Markets Forex trading Australia Spread Review
Sometimes we get emails from customers informing us that our table orders are wrong. For example a quick look at the table above will tell you that Pepperstone offers even lower spreads than IC Markets? The reason why we still preference one company over another is due to the typical circumstances facing a trader such as their risk appetite and level of market knowledge. We decided IC Markets was the best value for intermediate experienced traders that can handle high risk. So, although IC Markets does not boast the outright lowest spreads (as seen below), when factoring other features in they were our first choice.

IC Markets’ Raft of Trading Platforms Available

Where we believe IC Markets stand out from their competitors is in the area of trading platforms and the plethora they have on offer for customers. Our first choice when it comes to platforms at Compare Forex Brokers is usually just MetaTrader 4. However, we tried out cTrader and the impressive MetaTrader 5 and were not disappointed. Try them out for yourself and decide which one to persist with after having a solid play around.

Forex trading Australia account platform screen view 1

If you do a quick analysis of IC Markets on 3rd party review sites, you’ll notice some incredibly glowing customer reviews. A prominent Australian review website gave the company a score of 85.6 out of 100 largely due to the incredible range of features the company offers customers.

IC Markets best forex broker review score

The Importance of an AFSL for High Leverage, Intermediate Traders

If a Forex broker does not have an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) then they are not a regulated broker so we simply do not include them on our comparison tables. While some companies boast being regulated by more than one authority, the Australian regulator is the only one we take seriously and ALL traders should heed this advice. IC Markets is regulated and operates under AFSL number 335692.


Please be advised that all information found above is compiled manually and inaccuracies or errors may appear from time to time. Before deciding to select a Forex trading Australia broker, please double check all information on the broker’s website.

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