Forex Trading With Low Leverage Broker Comparison

Most forex brokers earn their income from the differences in currency spreads, while others earn money from commissions charged on each trade.

Below we compare the fees charged by brokers who are specifically tailored towards intermediate traders with low risk appetites.

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  • Spread Fee – AUD/USD
  • Minimum Deposit?
  • Unlimited Free Demo Account?
  • MetaTrader Supported?
  • Speed of Execution?
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  • Compatible Devices
  • Minimum Deal Size
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OANDA Is Recommended For Intermediate Forex Trading

In February 2017 we completed our analysis into the top Forex providers for intermediate traders with low risk appetites. We found OANDA led the pack when it came to providing trading solutions to low risk takers with middle of the road experience.

The following features of OANDA’s service were what appealed to us:

  • Low fee forex trading including spreads from just 1.5 pips
  • 100:1 Leverage – The lowest available, perfect for the risk averse
  • A Minimum Deposit of Just $1
  • The MetaTrader 4 Platform

OANDA Website

OANDA Offers Low Fee Forex Trading Australia

With no dealing desk OANDA offers direct trading with constant liquidity meaning low spreads and no price re-quotes. There are now commissions or account fees and as of the 07/02/2017 you can see what the spreads were for the most traded pairs.

AUD-USD Spreads 2016

While spreads are critical for forex trading profits, slow execution speeds can also cost traders. It’s critical that forex trading Australia have fast execution speeds to ensure traders receive the prices the are quoted. OANDA fxTrade automation and their market-maker role ensures efficiency when trading and near immediate settlement. Their risk management technology helps net their clients position anonymously and automatically, hedging the aggregate of positions with liquidity partners including major banks.

OANDA Offers Low Leverage Forex Trading Australia

As we just mentioned, OANDA offers traders maximum leverage of 100:1. With currency trading transactions being so tiny, leverage is required to amplify the profits made from mere ‘pip’ movements in prices; after all Forex trading would be a pointless exercise if the capital backing a trade was too small. It is for this reason alone that Forex trading Australia brokers offer customers the ability to back their trades with significant amounts of leverage. A common misconception about margin trading is that the more leverage the better. However, the team at Compare Forex Brokers recommend that you only take on as much leverage as you can afford to lose. Traders with intermediate experience and an aversion to risk would do well to choose OANDA. Their 100:1 leverage is the lowest on the market and still gives risk intolerant traders exposure to FX trading.

OANDA Offers Flexibility

The OANDA platform has been built around forex trading flexibility including:
– The ability to trade 90+ currency pairing including emerging markets such as the Indian rupee and Chinese yan.
No lots with trades from just $1 to $10,000,000. You determine the amount you trade, not the forex broker.
– The ability to trade every hour of the working week when currency markets are open.
– The ability to trade on the device you want from your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android and even BlackBerry
– Easy to set risk management tools including stop/loss and trailing stops

Minimum Deposits of Just $1

Continuing on about the size of Forex trading Australia transactions and their requirement to be substantial enough to earn a significant return, OANDA offers customers the ability to open an account with just $1. A dollar is nowhere near enough to trade currencies, even with 100:1 leverage. However, what we like about this feature of OANDA’s is the fact that it is the lowest minimum deposit on the market and appeals to low risk traders. Low risk tolerant traders can feel comfortable in the knowledge that if they trade with OANDA they don’t require a large upfront cash injection. They also don’t face the risk of significant loss as their capital contribution is next to nothing.

The Benefit of MetaTrader 4

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing why OANDA appeals to low risk traders but it should also really appeal to intermediates who have a bit more experience when it comes to forex trading Australia. The main reason for this is due to the company offering MetaTrader 4 as their headline trading platform. MetaTrader 4 has been the most innovative and powerful trading platform for over ten years. Its user friendly interface makes it perfect for intermediate traders. For those with a bit more advanced trading knowledge expert advisers or automated robots can be deployed using MT4. Essentially MetaTrader 4 is the only trading platform you’d ever need once you know what you’re doing.

OANDA Has An Australian Financial Services Licence

It is also incredibly important to note that OANDA, although originally founded in Canada they have an AFSL and traders can feel confident in the knowledge their capital is kept secure, in segregated trust accounts, a pre-requisite for AFSL regulated brokers. This essentially means that OANDA cannot use client money for hedging against their client’s positions. Upon OANDA review, we found that they have offices in Singapore, Canada, Japan and the UK. In Australia it operates under AFSL number 412981. Please note all brokers we promote on Compare Forex Brokers are AFSL regulated.

OANDA Australia

Training Offered By The Forex Broker

OANDA work to improve their traders currency trading by providing information, support and the tools they require.

One key tool to help improve trading is the demo mode of their fxTrade platform. This allows Australian forex trading with no risk and 100,000 virtual money units. Unlike most other Australian forex brokers the demo never expires allowing ongoing testing of strategies on real currency trading data.

Another tool is the wealth of news available from OANDA’s own economics and internal team who provide currency strategies. Free feeds to key news sources including UBS, Down Jones, Thomson Reuters and 4Cast. Getting the most accurate data from the most reliable sources is critical for any currency trader.

Finally, to improve strategies there are educational resources online and tools including Order-Book. Order-Book aggregates real-time orders, market sentiment and a plethora of trader positions.

OANDA Website

Final Thought About OANDA

It is important to mention at this point that the low leverage option offered by OANDA was one of the key reasons we selected theme as the recommended broker. Everyone is aware of the risks that trading with significant leverage imposes. Often traders are blinded by the upside and don’t fully comprehend the losses staring them in the face if things go awry. Traders who want to trade Forex but still limit their exposure to risk as much as possible would be well served by OANDA. To cap it off they also boast one of the most popular trading platforms on the market in MetaTrader 4. The combination of low leverage and MetaTrader 4 make it perfect for intermediate experienced traders.

About Our Forex Broker Comparison Tables

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