Plus500 Review For Australian Forex Traders

In July 2017 Compare Forex Brokers conducted a Plus500 review and compared it to other Australian forex brokers.

The broker was recommended of beginner to intermediate Australian forex traders based on spreads, leverage & reviews.
Read the full review below.

Plus 500 is a public listed company on the London Stock Exchange founded in 2008.
Our Plus500 review found the key strengths of the forex broker is their:
– Low Fees
– Fixed Spreads
– An Easy To Use Platform
– Guaranteed Stops
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Key Advantages Of Plus500

1) No Fees & Low Spreads

A unique feature we found in our Plus 500 review is they don’t charge dealing commissions on each trade.

The only fee is for long term currency holding (1+ hour or overnight) and a amount of $5 USD if you don’t use your forex broker account for 3 months.

2) Fixed Spreads

Unlike other Australian forex brokers that have variable spreads that change throughout the day, a Plus500 account has fixed spreads starting at 2 pips.
Plus500 Currency Parings
With fixed spreads Australian forex traders traders can have confidence in the fees they will incur when trading to help determine profits/losses throughout the day.

3) Ease Of Use

When our forex traders reviewed the Australian forex brokers they found that Plus500 has the easiest to use forex platform and interface.
Fx Ease Of Use
Unlike it’s competitors, our Plus500 review found it doesn’t offer MetaTrader 4 but instead offers its own trading platform which can be downloaded for a PC, used as a webtrader based platform or on any mobile device. The platform focuses on ‘no frills’ trading with only the key information required to trade on a single screen. This can be useful for a beginner or intermediate trader with just the critical information at their fingertips although for expert traders this may be too restrictive.
Plus500 Review Of Trading Platforms

Plus 500 Guaranteed Stops4) Guaranteed Stops

Plus500 is one of the only forex broker firms in Australia that offer guaranteed stops on trades.
This is not automatic but needs to be attached to a trade and means that you can place an absolute limit on a loss from a trade. This is an excellent risk management tool but will lead to a slightly higher spread which will be shown when activating the feature.

While all other traders offer ‘stop loss’ features, only a guaranteed stop means you can’t lose more than the designated amount. A standard stop-loss can be subject to ‘slippage’ in volatile positions which could mean that you can’t exit the market at the predefined ‘stop order’ leading to greater losses.

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Plus500 Review of Key Disadvantages

1) Low Leverage Levels

Plus500 only offers a maximum leverage level of 294:1. While this may be adequate for a beginner/intermediate forex trader an expert conducting a Plus500 review would find this level to be too restrictive as the best Australian Forex brokers offer levels of 500:1

2) Unique Broker Platform

As explained before in our Compare Forex Brokers’ Plus500 review advantages, the company uses its own trading platform interface. Expert brokers that are used to other platforms such as MetaTrader 4 may find this too restrictive with no option to use features such as an API feed and advanced charting. Overall, the Plus500 platform is great for those looking for just the data that matters, not those experts who require advanced features.
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Other Information About Plus500

Plus500 Bonuses & Promotions

The Plus500 bonus and other promotions that are provided by this broker are dynamically changing and temporary. One needs to visit the official website of Plus 500 to keep themselves abreast with the latest Plus500 offer available. The bonus amount offered is variable and depends upon the type of trading account opened by the individual concerned. Like for instance, if you open an account with $400, then you can avail yourself of a bonus of $30. On the other hand, trading accounts opened with a minimum amount of $7,500 are entitled a bonus of $1,000, so the bonus varies with the account opening trends, the more capital you invest upon opening. Apart from that, Plus 500 provides a special promotion policy named “No-Deposit Bonus of $25”. In order to claim this offer, one needs to verify their account by linking it with their mobile phone number.

The table below was updated in July 2017. Bonuses expire in three months and are per account.

Plus 500 Bonus Amount In January 2017

Reliability and Customer Service

As a global player, our Plus500 review found that it is is one of the most reputed fx brokers with high turnover and outstanding corporate governance. The firm has a mission and motto named “Sustainable and Perfectionist Trading Services” and the company strives hard in order to match the standards of the market. The broker makes use of the latest security protocols and latest technology to provide the best trade environment with minimum security loopholes. As far as customer service is concerned, Plus500 offers bilingual support which is comprehensive, fast and satisfactory at the same time.

Plus500 Staff Support

When completing this Plus 500 review we found Plus500 staff members to be very cordial. They provided immediate attention to our enquiries and we didn’t encounter any delays in their responses. There was no live-chat available to us which was a negative but on a plus side there was no waiting times when contacting the call centre and we received e-mail responses within hours of any enquiry or request for help. Another feature we liked was the numerous educational journals for rookie traders to give them ample knowledge and understanding about Forex and how it operates.

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Plus 500 Australian Forex Brokers Compliance

Plus500 AU is the Australian regulated subsidiary of Plus 500 for Australian traders.
The head office is in Sydney (1 O’Connell Street) and trades under AFSL Number 417727.

Plus500AU Wiki

Other Trading Products

Did you know that Plus500 also provides CFD broker services? Through their CFD broker services they provide traders with access to share markets, indices, options to ETFs.  Trading CFDs is similar to forex with leverage provided to amplify any movements in either direction for traders. This increases the opportunity and risk of trading but is necessary for something like indices CFDs trading which normally only moves a few percentage points each day.Trading CFDs

For both CFDs and currency trading, a Plus500 account can be funded by:

  1. Mastercard & Visa
  2. Skrill (formally Moneybookers)
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Paypal

Withdrawals can be made to the same four funding sources shown above. PhotoID will be required and in some cases, additional documentation to avoid fraud and scams. Any deposit bonus will be accepted from any of the funding sources above.

Final Verdict

Our Plus 500 review found that this company among other Australian Forex brokers is perfect for Beginner to Intermediate fx traders. This is because they have low fees and fixed spreads and a simple to use platform combined with a guaranteed stop offering. Expert forex brokers though may not like these features and prefer more mainstream forex platform options and higher leverage to increase their risk profile. They may also appreciate the vast amount of trading products the company offers. Overall, the broker is worth considering for those looking to make their first steps towards currency trading.

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